Is it 1984? All that’s old is new again

The People column is one of those little I.H.T. bits not put online, at least not in the tidy little package they are in print. (The travel briefs are another).
I was reading the  line-up and thought: Am I 10 years old again? Is it the 1980s? Do I still have to share that red dirt bike with my little brother? 
Here’s item #1: Madonna and  Lionel Richie dominate the pop charts. 

 Above is the Madonna I first knew and loved. Her “True Blue” was one of the two first albums (LPs!) my brother and I bought ourselves with money from a paper route. (I always say I started my career in newspapers — by delivering them door to door as a child.) Below that is Madge today. I don’t know if it’s plastic surgery or crazy dieting, but she still looks good.
As for Richie — O.K., don’t blame me if this gets stuck in your head but “Say you, say me…”

Here’s Peep item #2: A musical version of β€˜β€˜The Nutty Professor,’’ directed by Jerry Lewis, opens in Nashville.  
I’m obviously not old enough to remember the real original “Nutty Professor” from 1963.
But I do remember what used to pass as humor in the 80s — a black guy in a fat suit.

My only memory of Jerry Lewis was being encouraged (ahem, strong-armed) by our mother into giving up some of our precious paper-delivery money to the charity Jerry Lewis supported, on that TV fundraiser that seemed to go on forever.  Wait, it was forever. He supported the Muscular Dystrophy Association from 1954 to 2010.
Questions abound. Why can’t kids today come up with their own pop stars? Why recycle our old ones? Why are the French still obsessed with Jerry Lewis? And are any of the teeny-bopper stars today planning to dedicate more than half-century of their lives to charity?

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One Response to Is it 1984? All that’s old is new again

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am from the post-80s generation, but I am a huge fan of the early Madonna. That photo is my favourite, it's from "desperately seeking susan" (1985) I still have the DVD, where she plays a raunchy street smart girl with a lot of attitude! She's totally for the madonna now, I just heard her new single..shallow but the tunes are catchy, but I feel she's just repeating herself. It's great that she is still able to produce this kind of dance music, but for a long-time fan like me, its gets all too familiar and i feel like a break..

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